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Indiana Veterans Legislative Day

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The Indiana Legion legislative committee welcomes you to join fellow Hoosier veterans on January 10, 2022 at the Indiana State House to speak with lawmakers and representatives about the issues we face.

Attendees may park at American Legion Post 64 and ride a shuttle to the event.

Free parking is available at American Legion Post 64 located at

Free shuttle bus service to State Capital and return will start at 7:00 AM.

Event & Program Agenda

Legislative Priorities for 2022

1. Funding the Grants for Veterans Services program managed by the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs. Revenue for the fund will be provided by proceeds from electronic gaming terminals in Congressionally Chartered Veterans Service Organizations facilities. Legislation will strictly limit total number of video gaming machines allowed in the state and equitably share revenue between the IDVA, VSOs and provider. Annually excess funds will be transferred to the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs to be used for grants according to Indiana Code 10-17-13.5.

(This bill would allow VSO's to put in video gaming machines in their post. All the post would need to do is have phone lines and the space for them. The company for the machines would put in a machine to do all the pay outs and report all transactions to the Indiana Gaming Committee. Up to 5 machines per post.)

2. Exempt all military related income from Indiana income tax.

(This would exempt all military pay from Indiana Personal income tax.)

3. Modify IC 21-14-4 Tuition and Fee Exemption for Children of Veterans to extend the same benefit to the "spouse" of a disabled veteran. There should be no age restriction of the spouse of a disabled veteran. Remove Section IC 21-14-2.5 dealing with tuition and fee exemption of for disabled veterans who enlisted after or otherwise initially served in the armed forces of the United States after June 30, 2011. All eligible children and spouses of disabled veterans should be entitled to 100% tuition and fee exemption.

(To provide free tuition to all children and spouses of disabled veterans. In 2011 the state changed the law on veteran's children's tuition. We want to change it back that all in state tuition is paid for.)

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