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Department American Legion College is the highest level of training offered by the Department and teaches principles and techniques necessary for effective leadership within The American Legion Family. This program is open to all American Legion and Sons of The American Legion members.


Students must remain in attendance for the entire session. All applicants must have completed TAL Basic Training prior to the start of the first class. (Free to members)


The Department American Legion College will be held at the Spring Conference in 2024 at the Marriott East Hotel.

The course length is three full days. Classes start Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. and end at noon on Friday, immediately preceding the Spring Conference.


All course materials will be supplied to students. No additional materials are required. The use of a laptop or tablet is encouraged but not required.


Tuition and hotel stay (double occupancy) costs are fully funded by the Department; participants are responsible for travel and meals.


Students will be paired with a roommate at no cost. Students may pay $100 per night for a single room (Due upon acceptance). Food and snacks during the course are the responsibility of the student.


The Department American Legion College of The American Legion Department of Indiana develops American Legion Family members of all experience levels into leaders whom are innovative, ethical, visionary, responsive, inclusive, and effective. Attendance is open to all American Legion Family members of The American Legion Department of Indiana.

Graduates are equipped with the resources necessary to succeed at any organizational level within The American Legion Department of Indiana; graduates will continue to grow as organizational leaders through continual mentoring and networking relationships as a direct result of their program attendance.

The Department Legion College is a developmental experience granted to promising American Legion Family members of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels to seek self-improvement facilitating selfless service to veterans, the community and The American Legion Family in a more impactful manner.

The curriculum shall challenge students to think critically and creatively about issues facing The American Legion Department of Indiana. Experienced facilitators, of proven knowledge and integrity, guide students throughout the program and continue to mentor students following graduation. Facilitators teach the curriculum via instruction methods including lecture, guest speakers, group discussions, reading and writing assignments, small groups, oral defense, and experiential learning.


American Legion Family leaders are trained to make a difference in their communities. The Department American Legion College enhances students' knowledge and appreciation of The American Legion, and teaches the core values and contributions of the organization and our vital programs. The college prepares Legionnaires and Sons for leadership positions in squadrons, posts, and districts through education, development, and motivation. The curriculum challenges student leaders to think critically and creatively about issues confronting The American Legion.

If you are confident that you want to be a leader in your community and within The American Legion so that you may promote and perpetuate our principles and programs, we look forward to your application.

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