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Win prizes and bragging rights.

The American Legion State Bowling Tournament is open to all amateur American Legion and Sons of the American Legion Members.

The tournament is held in annually in the spring.

Tournament Rules

1.) Averages at the close of the previous season will be used for basis of handicaps. 2.) Mixed Leagues averages accepted-Mixed Summer Leagues are not accepted. Use highest USBC sanctioned league average based on a minimum of 21 games for the previous season. If current average at time of bowling is 10 or more pins above current seasons’ average for 21 or more games, current average must be used. See USBC Rule 319 a-2. If no average last year, use highest current USBC sanctioned average of 21 games or more as of December 1st. If a entrant has bowled in at least two of the previous 5 American Legion State tournaments and has tournament average that is 15 pins higher than entering average, Tournament average will be used for handicap purposes. If no league average last season or this season, bowler will enter the tournament with 170 average men, 150 women, or American Legion tournament average from 2 of the previous 5 years. Any falsification of averages automatically disqualifies team for prize money or any member of such team, in any event. USBC rule 319a-3 3.) It shall be each bowler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of his average, whether originally submitted by the bowler, his team captain, or others. To bowl in singles or doubles, you enter both – no half pairs accepted. 4.) No bowler will be allowed to participate who for any reason has been refused membership in the USBC. 5.) Rules 319d and 319e are waived. 6.) Any team using ineligible members or non-members of the American Legion Department of Indiana will forfeit entry money or any claim to prize money, and all scores will be voided. 7.) Multiple participation permitted in 4-Member Team Event, but no more than two (2) players on same team can place more than once in the prize list for Position Standings. See Rule 317-a. Singles Event may participate one time ONLY. Doubles Event may participate more than one time if the Tournament management agrees. In no case shall the same two players on a doubles team be permitted to place more than once in the prize list for Position Standing. See Rule 317-c. First scores shall count toward “ALL EVENTS” Total. 8.) All Team Captains or Representatives must report to the Tournament Manager 30 minutes prior to scheduled bowling time. Team Captain or Representative must bring current USBC card (if bowler is already sanctioned) and current American Legion cards. Bowlers arriving late must start bowling in the frame the shift is bowling in at the time he is ready to bowl. NO BOWLERS WILL BE PERMITTED TO CATCH UP THE FRAMES THEY HAVE MISSED BY BEING LATE. 9.) Any combination of Legionnaire, Son of Legion (SAL), or Auxiliary to form teams. 10.) If bowlers fail to show, no “blind” scores can be used. 11.) The Tournament will be a combination of Scratch and Handicap. 100% of prize money will be paid for handicap bowling and trophies. Scratch bowling will be awarded trophies only. 12.) The balance of the tournament will be conducted on a handicap basis as follows: 90% of the difference between bowlers’ average and 230, sum of individual handicaps for team and doubles. 13.) After the schedule is completed, positively no changes will be made. No entry money will be returned after being received. 14.) No tournament prize winnings need be reported. 15.) The Tournament will start on Saturday March 4, 2023. 16.) The Secretary will endeavor to satisfy entrants as to date and time desired if possible. Please specify 1st & 2nd choices. 17.) Tournament Officials have option to decline any entry based on previous misconduct. 18.) All averages are subject to check from your city Association Secretary. 19.) Only entrants who are USBC members are eligible for USBC awards. All participants are to familiarize themselves with the operating requirements of USBC Rule 319c. It will be enforced. 20.) USBC Moral Support Sanction provides high score protection for those who have established membership prior to participation. And allows for those not affiliated with the Congress without payment of any dues and can win prize money for series. 21.) Reserved Entries close January 15, 2023. Any team league or number of teams may secure time early by contacting chair, David Hurtt. Your time will be entered for teams, doubles, and singles. 22.) You will be notified the time you will bowl, but these reservations will be held for you only until January 15th prior to the tournament, when your entry form and entry fees and tournament expense must be in the chair's hands. Any reservations being held, and entries not received on This date will be thrown open to first come –first served basis. 23.) No unreasonable delay (Rule 11, USBC) shall be allowed. 24.) You will have 48 hours to correct any errors made in scoring.

How to participate

Download and complete the tournament entry form found in the Forms & Files below.

For further information, please contact contact Wendy McGinness, Program Director at

(317) 630-1301 or

Forms & Files

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