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$388 million paid to Hoosier vets last year alone through free VA claims processing and advocacy by the Indiana Legion Veterans Services Office.


$171,000 in emergency grants and funds provided to veterans and their families by the Indiana Legion.

$270,000 given in scholarships to Indiana high school students every year by the Indiana Legion.


11,000 hours of volunteer service provided by Legionnaires to their local communities.

American values taught through in-school education programs


Commander Mark Gullion.jpg

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Mark Gullion was elected The American Legion, Department of Indiana’s state commander by delegates from the 11 districts throughout the state during the 102nd annual Indiana American Legion Convention on July 10, 2021, in Indianapolis.

Gullion, a 32-year member of Speedway American Legion Post 500, is a United States Air Force veteran with service during the Vietnam War.

He has served in leadership positions at every organizational level of The American Legion including Post Commander, District Commander and Chairman of all four permanent Commissions of the Department of Indiana. At the National level he has been a member of the National Convention Commission since 2013.


Governor Eric Holcomb appointed him to serve as a member of the Indiana Veterans’ Affairs Commission in December 2020.  

Gullion played a pivotal role in the creation of our department’s newest youth program, the Indiana American Legion Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy. Commander Gullion has pledged to honor and to preserve the memories and incidents of all wars through his Commander’s Project - expansion of the Indiana 9/11 Memorial in downtown Indianapolis.

Commander Gullion’s theme for 2021-2022 is “Aim High for Change.”

The American Legion comprises military service veterans who have served honorably during times of conflict in defense of our nation and has been active within Indiana since 1919.  The Indiana American Legion has supported veterans from every major conflict since World War I to Iraq and Afghanistan within its membership.


National Executive Commmittee Chairperson Ed Trice.jpg

Ed Trice

National Executive Committee

Northern Vice Commander Alex Magyar.jpg

Alex Magyar

Northern Vice-Commander

Southern Vice Commander Bruce Curry.jpg

Bruce Curry

Southern Vice-Commander

Membership Chairperson Laurie Bowman.jpg

Laurie Bowman

Membership Chair

1st District Cmdr Kevin Urbanczyk.jpg

Kevin Urbanczyk

1st District, Post 100

Commander 3rd District Rob Kelley.jpg

Rob Kelley

3rd District, Post 189

5th District Commander Michael Harrison.jpg

Michael Harrison

5th District, Post 7

7th District Commander Lonnie Boyce.jpg

Lonnie Boyce

7th District, Post 2

9th District Commander Tina Wallace.jpg

Tina Wallace

9th District, Post 173

11th District Commander Ben Olsen.jpg

Ben Olsen

11th District, Post 3

Alternate NEC Kenny Cooper.jpg

Kenny Cooper

NEC Alternate

Northern Vice Commander Robert Burkhart.jpg

Robert Burkhart

Northern Vice-Commander

Southern Vice Commander Niles Gammon.jpg

Niles Gammon

Southern Vice-Commander

Sergeant-at-Arms Danny Rice.jpg

Danny Rice


2nd District Commander Mitch Mullins.jpg

Mitch Mullins

2nd District, Post 190

4th District Commander David Miller.jpg

David Miller

4th District, Post 241

6th District Commander Linn Hutchison.jpg

Linn Hutchison

6th District, Post 72

8th District Commander Kevin Brinksneader.jpg

Kevin Brinksneader

8th District, Post 213

10th District Commander Dave Roach.jpg

Dave Roach

10th District, Post 437


Cadet Law Graduation-0003.jpg

Hugh Dagley

Interim Adjutant

100th Anniv Coin Set-2.jpg

Butch Miller

Programs Director

100th Anniv Coin Set-12.jpg

Mark Bernhardt

Finance Director


Josh Marshall

Communications Director

100th Anniv Coin Set-5.jpg

Audrey Copeland

Membership Coordinator


100th Anniv Coin Set-6.jpg

Billy Johnson

Business Development

Cadet Law Graduation-0002.jpg

Debbie Gibbs

SAL / Admin Support

Cadet Law Graduation-0001.jpg

Thad Thompson


Candy Long-1_edited.jpg

Candy Long


100th Anniv Coin Set-3.jpg

John Hickey

Rehabilitation Director 

100th Anniv Coin Set-9.jpg

Bryce Hullett

Rehabilitation Asst. Director

100th Anniv Coin Set-13.jpg

Patrick Sullivan

Department Service Officer

100th Anniv Coin Set-14.jpg

Stuart Holloway

Department Service Officer

2021 Staff Portraits-3049.jpg

Jennifer Tyler

Department Service Officer


100th Anniv Coin Set-10.jpg

Lori Patterson

Rehab Sr. Executive Assistant

100th Anniv Coin Set-11.jpg

Tegan Lara

Rehab Executive Assistant