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Membership Chair


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Hello, and welcome to the Indiana Legion. I look forward to working with you during the 2021-2022 membership year. Feel free to reach me at

at any time.

Membership Report


2021-2022 Membership Chair Message

Commander Mark Gullion has given me the honor of being your membership chairperson for this year. My name is Laurie Bowman and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. We will be traveling a lot this year to visit the posts and attend meetings.  We want, and need you, our most valuable asset to make this year a success. 


Each month this tab on the website will give you valuable information concerning membership.  If you have any questions concerning membership please feel free to contact me at 317-902-4956.   


We have the National Membership Workshop July 26-29, 2021.  Their website said the agenda and further information will be posted soon.


The awards manual has all the target and renewal dates listed but here are the ones coming up.  Aug 17th for 45%; Early Bird Sep 14th for *53% and then Fall Conference the weekend of Oct 2nd.  Your Vice Commanders will be conducting your membership turn-ins.  The Northern Vice Commanders are Alex Magyar & Rob Burkhart and the Southern Vice Commanders are Bruce Curry & Niles Gammon.  Contact your district commander for further information on the turn in procedure.  


*All posts meeting the 53% target, will receive three Early Bird chips.  It is a beautifully designed chip that will be a collector's item.


Membership reports will be published on Wednesday by 10 am.  All cards need to be in the department headquarters membership office by 10 am on Tuesdays.

American Legion National has not sent department goals at this time. District commanders will receive this information as soon as it becomes available.


Laurie Bowman


Happy Veterans Day to you all, Laurie Bowman, Dept Membership Chair

Department Target date turn-in for December


December 4th:  Districts 3 & 4 at Post 154 Nappanee 1 pm with Vice Commander Alex Magyar;  Districts 6, 7 & 8 at Post 106, Worthington, 1 pm with Vice Commander Bruce Curry.

December 5th:  Districts 1, 2 & 5 at Post 94, Valparaiso, 1 pm with Vice Commander Rob Burkhart and Districts 9, 10 & 11 at Post 3, Broad Ripple, 11 am with Vice Commander Niles Gammon.


The early bird turn-in date has been changed by National to Sept 22nd so the new turn-in for the Department is Sep 21st by 10 am. 


Ten year memberships have been put into MyLegion by the Department.

Paid Up For Life membership cards have been mailed to members.

Check your greenbar for honorary members and ensure they are paid.

Check your online renewals and mail the membership

card as soon as possible.

If you can't access MyLegion, send your cards in the old fashioned way with a transmittal, check & the cards to Department.   DO NOT HOLD CARDS.

If you need help with MyLegion, call 833-253-9995.  Wait times can be long so hang in there to get your questions answered by National.


ONLINE RENEWALS - Log into your mylegion page, go to mygroups, click on reports/labels and you will see the online renewal report for your post.  Please check this often and send your members their 2022 membership card.  (8/2/2021)


Get involved at the district level by attending the monthly meeting. There are over 400 committee positions available that will benefit from your involvement.


2021 -2022 Target Date Turn-in Dates:

Target   1    Department Convention 30% - Jul 10, 2021

Target   2    Turn in Sat-Mon 45% - Aug 17, 2021

Target   3    Turn in Sat-Mon 53% - Sep 14, 2021

Target   4    Fall Conference 62% - Oct 2, 2021

Target   5    Veterans Day Turn in Sat-Mon  71% - Nov 9, 2021

Target   6    Christmas Turn in Sat-Mon  80% - Dec 7, 2021

Target   7    Mid-Winter Conference 87% - Jan 15, 2022

Target   8    Turn in Sat-Mon 92% - Feb 8, 2022

Target   9    Legion Birthday Turn in Sat-Mon 97% - Mar 8, 2022

Target  10   Spring Conference 100% - Apr 9, 2022

Target  11   Turn in Sat-Mon 101% - May 10, 2022

Target  12   Close of Books 102% - Jun 12, 2022

Early Bird 2021 Chip

Screenshot 2021-09-10 110643.jpg

All posts meeting the 53% target will receive three Early Bird chips

Public Relations Tools

The Public Relations Toolkit and resource annexes are a complete kit of easy to use media products that can be tailored to promote your American Legion post, unit or squadron activities during the course of the year.

From writing a news release to planning a major community event, the Public Relations Toolkit will help you get the job done.

View the Public Relations Toolkit here

Public Relations Toolkit Indiana Legion.

American Legion Basic Training

Learn about The American Legion in this self-paced online course. The American Legion's official training program for officers, members, Legion College applicants and those who simply want to expand their knowledge of the nation's largest veterans service organization is now available online.



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