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Membership FAQ's

You can save time and a phone call by taking a look at our most asked questions listed below. But of course, if you still have a question or your question isn't addressed, give us a call.

Top Ten Questions by Members

Q: The post cashed my check, but I never received a membership card. Why?

A: Posts receive printed membership cards each year in June. Please contact your post to request your card. If your post does not have your card, you can contact The American Legion National at (800) 433-3318 to request a newly printed card.

Q: I paid online but never received a membership card. How do I get my card?

A: First, please notify the post that you have paid online and request your card from them. They will be able to mail it to you or will set up a time for you to pick it up at the post. If you do not know your post number or need any other assistance, you can contact The American Legion National at (800) 433-3318.

Q: I got a renewal notice, and I’m a 10-year or PUFL member. Why?

A: Renewal notices are mailed by the National Headquarters. The Department works to ensure that these notices do not go out to 10-year and PUFL members. Still, letters that have already been printed and entered into the postal service will arrive. Please give 4-6 weeks for the notices to stop. If you receive a notice after 4-6 weeks and you do not believe you owe dues, please disregard the notice and notify your post.

Q: How do I transfer my membership to a different post?

A: Contact the post you wish to join and ask to transfer to their post. The post will initiate the transfer for you.

Q: How much would it be for a PUFL membership?

A: Please visit and log in to your account for pricing information on a Paid Up For Life membership.

Q: Why does my renewal notice have incorrect information?

A: Printing errors may occur and not reflect what our records show. If you feel your information is incorrect, please contact your post, district officers, or The American Legion National at (800) 433-3318.

Q: How do I pay my dues online?

A: Please visit Select “Members” on the left side of the menu. You will see a drop-down menu and select “renew”. You will then have the option to pay with your credit card.

Q: Have I paid my dues this year?

A: Please contact your post to verify if your dues are up to date or visit, or call customer service: The American Legion National at (800) 433-3318.

Q: I registered on MyLegion, but none of my personal information shows. Why not?

A: This could mean that you registered with information that did not match what we had on file. Please contact National Headquarters at 1-800-433-3318 or email

Q: Why am I in post 0777?

A: If you responded to a direct mailing service or did not specify what post you would like to be a member of, by default, you will be listed as an “at large” member of National Headquarters post 777. You may transfer out of this post at any time. Find a post in your area you would like to join and contact them stating you would like to transfer to their post. They will facilitate the transfer and issue you a new membership card.

Top Ten Questions by Posts

Q: How do I log in to

A: First, you must REGISTER in MyLegion with your personal email address that is on file. Once you register, a log-in email will be sent to your account with instructions on how to get started.

Q: How do I get access to process membership in MyLegion?

A: Once logged in to, visit the menu option “Resources” and choose “How to use”. These tutorials will give you a solid foundation to begin utilizing the website for all your membership needs.

Q: How can I look up a member?

A: In, use the vertical menu on the left of the screen and select “view members.” This will allow you to view your roster and select specific members to view and edit.

Q: How do I transfer someone that has already paid?

A: Posts are unable to transfer someone that has already paid for the membership year. Please fill out a member data form and submit it via email ( or mail to Department Headquarters for processing.

Q: How much post credit do I have? How do I access my post credit?

A: Please contact the membership department, and we will be happy to discuss your post-credit amount at any time.

Q: I processed a membership yesterday, and it is not showing as paid. Why not?

A: Once membership is processed in MyLegion, it takes up to 9 days to show as “paid” on a roster. However, they will still count on a membership report immediately after submission.

Q: Where do I find my ‘paid online’ members?

A: In MyLegion, on your left vertical menu, select “reports/labels”. This will give your choices of several different reports that are available to you. Select “Members Renewed Online”.

Q: Why didn’t I get a green bar this year?

A: National Headquarters could not get these printed due to the discontinuation of the iconic “green and white” paper. We are encouraging all posts registered in MyLegion to conduct membership business online, so a printed roster will no longer be necessary.

Q: How do I change an address/email/phone number for a member?

A: Once you have selected the member you wish to change, select the small pencil on the right-hand side. This will allow you to edit all information for that member.

Q: What forms need to be turned in to get our cards in June at Close of Books?

A: 1. Annual Post Data Report

2. Consolidated Post Report (must have at least two questions completed)

3. Notification of post and Squadron Commander/Adjutant

4. Post Officer Certification Form

5. Delegate and Alternate form.

All five forms can be found online at, click Forms & Files, then click Annual Forms.

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