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The Indiana American Legion Legacy Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity located at:

5440 Herbert Lord Road, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46216


EIN 83-4375439

All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

What is the Indiana American Legion Foundation? The foundation is help for Hoosier veterans and leadership programs for Indiana youth.

Why is your support important? If you believe in patriotic leadership training for our youth, if you believe it helping homeless veterans right here in Indiana, and if you believe in helping a veteran in financial need, then you can trust our over 100 years of service to veterans to put your dollar where it counts. We make a difference in thousands of veterans, their family members, and future Indiana leaders every single day.

Hear directly from those being impacted

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Who we help...


To help all Indiana veterans, their family members, and future leaders of America through patriotic youth programs.

  • List of Donors - Thank you!
    Cash Gifts: $10,000 - $24,999 Post 391 Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation Post 064 SAL Detachment of Indiana Bumbleburg, Joe Daystar Directional Drilling, Inc. American Legion Auxiliary Dept. of IN Indiana Funeral Care Cash Gifts: $5,000 - $9,999 Post 047 Mazza, Tom Post 172 Post 070 American Legion 11th District Indiana American Legion Riders Scheper, Elmer Post 341 Post 276 Post 147 American Legion Auxiliary Fourth District Brady, Michael Cash Gifts: $1,000 – $4,999 Walmart Post 241 Post 233 Post 072 SAL 4th District AGIA Terre Haute Summer Baseball, Inc. Steinhardt, Gary Post 351 Post 200 Brooks, John Post 006 Post 045 Post 097 Post 497 Post 830 Post 507 Paris, Carl Post 031 Morgan Properties Miller's Market Post 415 Connelly, Allen & Rebecca Byrley, Chris Squadron 215 American Legion 8th District Owens, Gina Freije Engineered Solutions American Legion 7th District Post 152 Post 066 American Legion 10th District Post 089 American Legion 2nd District American Legion 5th District Brown, Richard Bosma Industries For The Blind, Inc. Warren, Kenneth Post 232 Post 500 Post 265 American Legion 4th District Post 028 Post 230 Lowry, Larry Post 369 Post 464 Ayres, Kenneth Cook, Jack Post 204 Post 002 Post 037 Post 043 Post 098 Post 454 Post 018 Post 452 Trice, Ed Post 073 Post 111 Post 121 American Legion 6th District Post 485 Birkla, Philip Hickey, John Post 145 Post 155 Post 252 Post 331 Marian Inc. Newby, Jay Post 009 Soblotne, Gary & Evelyn Wiedenmayer, Mark Shearer, Donald Baggett, Carl & Sharon Beck, David Winthrop, Charles SAL 1st District Land, Danny Au, Jerry Surber, Deborah Richard & Hopkins Operation Job Ready Vets Unit 215 United Way of Central Indiana Cody Farr Memorial Ride Castell, John Past Commanders Club-11th District American Legion 3rd District Post 007 Post 257 Post 284 Walker, Terry Post 295 Post 420 Post 156 Post 202 Post 208 Post 215 Riders Cash Gifts: $250 - $999 Post 502 Post 399 Post 022 Post 103 Post 044 Post 071 Post 027 Post 1919 Post 060 American Legion 1st District Post 329 Post 052 Post 297 Post 019 Fultz, Ted Post 083 Riders Post 079 Post 087 Post 313 Post 400 Post 069 Post 450 Post 058 Post 260 Post 390 Post 029 Post 337 Post 182 Delaney, James Post 451 Post 410 Indiana Troopers Youth Services Post 555 Post 080 Westville Correctional Facility Daube, James Uehlein, Larry Wallace, Randall Denys, Casimir MIller, Ronald Dice, James McNamara, Cathy Post 035 Post 038 Post 059 Squadron 301 Lehman, Richard Squadron 241 KSM Business Services, Inc. Bernard Health Post 333 King, R. Post 143 Ayers, John Zurbriggen, William Gullion, M. Squadron 098 Post 178 Post 492 Spille, Reinert & Douglas Winkler, Rick Post 216 Bowman, L. Post 437 Post 137 Douville, Jeffrey Chaney, Jon Post 467 Squadron 079 Brookston Lions Club Post 180 Del Busto, Michael Carmel High School Past District Commander's Club Post 169 Post 160 Post 508 Seykowski, Edward Pike Central High School Wabash Correctional Facility Campbell, Carol Post 154 Post 005 Post 423 Post 218 Post 150 Post 011 Post 012 Post 229 Post 701 Post 020 Indiana Society of the S.A.R. Post 024 Post 235 Post 251 Browne, Stephen Dubois County Comm. Foundation Post 042 Post 131 Maune, Jerry Post 280 Post 046 Post 127 Post 126 Post 056 Post 119 Rotary Club of Carmel Indiana Post 118 Post 061 Post 301 Post 306 Stackhouse, Marcella Post 113 Post 102 Squadron 253 Post 101 Post 321 SAL 2nd District Kiwanis Club of Mount Vernon Post 081 Westfield Washington Educ. Dev. Found. Kiwanis Club of Westfield Gooding, David Post 510 Squadron 024 Post 210 Post 212 DAV CHP 17 Post 185 Noorlag, Kent Post 196 Squadron 180 Post 070 Riders Petty, Larrie Bromstrup, Thomas Post 307 Post 205 Leigh, Mark American Dairy Association Cash Gifts: $0.01 – $249 Post 133 Post 133 Riders Kenny Kent Chevrolet Morgan, James Post 227 Byrley, Ron & Brenda Voss, Gene Harrison, William Patterson, Daniel & Bonnie Huntley, Kenneth Tumbleson, Keith Embree, William Bohlender, Robert Struewinfg, David Brewer, Clyde Ennis, Jerome Strope, David Allen, Dennis Squadron 172 Billings, Marianne Post 085 Koehler, William Post 485 Riders Deilkes, Dennis Perry, A. Morris, Michael Grimes, Harold Ketner, William Brevard, Tina Hamilton, Lonnie Barron, Troy & Traci Robbins, Harvey Post 479 Post 402 Post 379 Post 292 Post 256 Pipher, Mike Parkhill, Cynthia Ormsby, Anne Olsen, Kenneth Oeffinger, Richard Oderio, Joseph Oakes, E. DeWayne Norman, Betty Newman, Robert Miers, Richard May, James Ross, Kenneth Martin, Ricky Rudolph, John Lerner, John Kyle, Dale Kunis, Donald Komasinski, Ernest SAL 7th District Kidd, David Jaussad, Michael Ingle, Cathy Hopkins, Howard Skehan, Michael Hernandez, Milagros Hayes, Steve Hall, Herschel Haas, Michael & Alesia Gross, Lynn Graviss, Kevin Foster, George Stockman, Kenneth Eisbrenner, Nancy Tolbert, James & Sue Cunningham, Daniel Coulman, Leonard Cooper, Larry Vannatta, John Velikan, Judi Carpenter, Jerry & Ginger Campbell, William Walden, Jerry Burkhart, Larry Bunch, Arle Bradford, James Baumann, Richard & Katherine Basham, Perry Williams, Kenneth American Legion Auxiliary Unit 009 Alyea, George Abernethy, Charlotte Adams, Roger Wallace, Mark & Connie Corn, Randy Nickels, Maurice Barnes, Timothy Bellamy, Charles Bishop, Ruth Miller, Dyar Riddle, Eunicetine Bizoukas, George and Cleopatra Rosen, Gregory Campbell, Evelyn Malone, Doran & Karyl Carlson, Russell & Marcia Virden, Steven Cloud, Jerry LaGrange Volunteer Fire Department Coleman, Loretta Crawford, Reavel Dickerson, John Thompson, John Thompson, Craig Schwab Charitable Endres, Gary & Kay Shannon, Patricia Hopp, Larry Engquist, Leonard Evans, William Hogan, Gerald Flowers, Jackie Frailey, David Hartz, Stephen Fritz, James Gonzalez, Luz Olsen, Ben Balvich, John Post 088 Lamkin, Riley Dailey, Lawrence Brown, George & Pat Forrest, Donald Bidwell, Dean Rosenberry, James Holman, Dewayne Lucia, Byron Geders, George Smith, Edwin & Jeanne Sumner, Bruce Morlan, Clifton Poortenga, Robert Integrity Home Care Plus, LLC Thruman, Frank Austin, Mark DeWitt, Paul Mitchell, Norma Speaks, Janice Fischer, Rodney Gorny, Lori Wiltz, Rosemary Hobbs, Donna Martin, Robert Burnette, David Barger, Donald Kleinschmidt, William King, Jr., Joseph Dowd, Stephen Imhausen, George Everitt, Ronald Harmon, Oscar Gyori, George Coonrod, Jerry Brumbaugh, Barbara Presdorf, David Kraus, Kenneth Petit, Psaul Santapola, Salvatore Lothamer, Larry & Mary Schukraft, Alan Webb, Rachel McLochlin, Ronald
  • Board of Directors
    Chairman, Jim Daube Co-Chairman, Gary Steinhardt Secretary, Chad Woodburn Member, Hugh Dagley Member, John Hickey Member, Milton Howard Member, Ed Trice Member, James Tracey
  • Does Indiana American Legion Legacy Foundation accept donations other than cash?
  • Do all of the financial contributions you receive stay in Indiana?
    You can edit the title from the Settings tab in the app. If you don’t want to display the title, simply disable the Title under “Info to Display”.
  • Does the Foundation make donations to nonprofit organizations in the community?
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  • Do you get financial help from the government?
    Yes. To add media follow these steps: 1. Enter the app’s Settings 2. Click on the “Manage FAQs” button 3. Select the question you would like to add media to 4. When editing your answer click on the camera, video, or GIF icon 5. Add media from your library.
  • Why does Indiana Legion have a Foundation?
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Indiana veterans and Hoosier youth are important to me. I want to support veteran's assistance programs, service officers, and youth programs that focus on leadership, civil responsibility, and patriotism.


Thanks to individuals like you

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Planned Gifts

Want to support a worth cause while also improving your financial security? By taking advantage of incentives the IRS provides, Indiana Legion can craft a gift that delivers exactly the benefits that you’ve been looking for. For more information, please contact us at by email below or 317-630-1363.


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It felt like I was part of a brotherhood, even though I came here not knowing a single person. It made me feel a part of something.

Hoosier Boys State 2022 attendee


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