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Together Again
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Serving veterans and communities

The Indiana American Legion Legacy Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity located at:

5440 Herbert Lord Road, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46216


EIN 83-4375439

All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

What is the Indiana American Legion Foundation? The foundation is help for Hoosier veterans and leadership programs for Indiana youth.


We help veterans and their family members through assistance programs, homeless veteran shelters, provide representation with disability claims and create future leaders through youth programs.

Why we do it? The American Legion is built on a promise from those who swore with their lives to defend and protect the United States through military service. The promise begins at enlistment and continues after discharge.

What's our purpose? To fund the programs of The American Legion, Department of Indiana so that veterans may receive assistance and representation, and, Indiana youth may participate in programs that build leadership skills, civic involvement, and physical fitness.


To conduct and perpetuate the programs of The American Legion that serve Indiana’s veterans, their families, and its youth.

  • List of Donors - Thank you!
    Cash Gifts: $10,000 - $24,999 SAL Detachment of Indiana American Legion Post 64 Joe Bumbleburg Cash Gifts: $5,000 - $9,999 American Legion Post 47 American legion Auxiliary – Fourth District American Legion Post 391 Daystar Direction Drilling Indiana Funeral Care American Legion Auxiliary Department of Indiana Elmer Scheper Michael Brady American Legion Post 497 Cash Gifts: $1,000 – $4,999 American Legion Post 452 SAL – Fourth District American Legion Post 70 Allen & Rebecca Connelly John Hickey American Legion Post 98 Larry Lowry Richard Brown Gary Steinhardt American Legion Post 241 American Legion – Second District American Legion Post 351 American Legion Post 369 American Legion – Seventh District American Legion – Fourth District American Legion Post 415 American Legion Post 121 American Legion Post 18 American Legion Post 464 American Legion Post 111 American legion Post 507 American Legion Post 233 American Legion – Tenth District American Legion Post 7 SAL – Fourth District American Legion Post 341 American Legion Post 97 American Legion Post 215 Riders American Legion Post 208 American Legion Post 47 American Legion Post 156 American Legion Post 265 American Legion – Sixth District American Legion Post 500 American Legion Post 31 American Legion – Third District American Legion Post 72 American Legion Post 172 American Legion – Third District American Legion Post 241 SAL – First District SAL - Squadron 215 Auxiliary Unit 215 American Legion Post 89 American Legion – Fifth District American Legion Post 70 American Legion Post 276 American Legion Post 233 American Legion – Eighth District Indiana American Legion Riders Freije Engineered Solutions Marian Inc. Gary & Evelyn Soblotone John Castell Mark Wiedenmayer Jack Cook Kenneth Warren Charles Winthrop Donald & Sharon Shearer Jay Newby Danny & Patricia Land Cash Gifts: $250 - $999 Mark Gullion District Commanders 2019-2021 American Legion Post 205 SAL Squadron 241 American Legion Post 331 American Legion Post 423 SAL Squadron 180 American Legion Post 200 American Legion Post 204 Rick Winkler Jack Cook Phillip Birkla American Legion Post 97 Riders David Gooding John & Lana Ayers David Beck William and Patricia Zurbgriggen Ronald Miller American Legion Post 555 Cash Gifts: $0.01 – $249 James May SAL Squadron 172 American Legion Post 391 American Legion Post 185 American Legion Post 83 Riders Integrity Home Care Plus, LLC. Lagrange Volunteer Fire Department Harold Grimes Larry Uehlein James Rosenberry Rosemary Wiltz Ruth Bishop Gary & Kay Endres William Ketner George & Pat Brown Larry & Mary Lothamer Reavel Crawford David Prebdoaf Barbara Blumbaugh Jeffrey Douville William Campbell Marianne Billings Mike Pipher David Burnette Rodney Fisher Kenneth Huntley Kevin Graves John Balvich Paul Dewitt Russell & Marcia Carlson George Geders Oscar Harmon Milagros Hernandez David Kidd Ernest Komasinshi Michael Skehan David Strope Ronald McLochlin Herschel Hall Dennis Allen Geral Hoganm Mark Austin Kenneth Kraus Kenneth Huntley John Vanatta Larry Burkhardt Dennis Deilkes Timothy Barnes Jerry Cloud Edward Seykowshi James Daube Steve Hayes Byron Lucia David Struewing Arthur Perry Kent Noorlag William and Carol Embree Frank Thruman John Dickerson American Legion Post 198 Abston Family Living Trust Leonard Coulman Bob & Rosey Newman Edwin Smith American Legion Post 402 Anne Ormsby SAL Squadron 88 Stephen Dowd Jackie Flowers Howard Hopkins
  • Board of Directors
    Chairman, Jim Daube Co-Chairman, Gary Steinhardt Secretary, Chad Woodburn Member, Hugh Dagley Member, John Hickey Member, Milton Howard Member, Ed Trice Member, James Tracey
  • Does Indiana American Legion Legacy Foundation accept donations other than cash?
  • Do all of the financial contributions you receive stay in Indiana?
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  • Does the Foundation make donations to nonprofit organizations in the community?
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  • Do you get financial help from the government?
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  • Why does Indiana Legion have a Foundation?
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Social Media

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Indiana veterans and Hoosier youth are important to me. I want to support veteran's assistance programs, service officers, and youth programs that focus on leadership, civil responsibility, and patriotism.


The IALLF was established in 2020 to support Indiana veterans, their family members, and youth. The foundation provides temporary shelter grants for homeless veterans, provides free service officers to veterans requesting help with their disability claim, provides grants to veterans and their family members in time of financial need, and covers the cost of Indiana Legion youth programs that focus on leadership, civil responsibility, and patriotism.

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Planned Gifts

Want to support a worth cause while also improving your financial security? By taking advantage of incentives the IRS provides, Indiana Legion can craft a gift that delivers exactly the benefits that you’ve been looking for. For more information, please contact us at by email below or 317-630-1363.


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It felt like I was part of a brotherhood, even though I came here not knowing a single person. It made me feel a part of something.

Hoosier Boys State 2022 attendee


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