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Youth Scholarships for Patriotic Education

The Flag Education Test program was started in the Department of Indiana in 1996.  By 2004 over 300 elementary schools in the state of Indiana ordered over 18,000 tests and comic books. The Division of Student Activities of the Indiana Secondary School Administrators approves the American Legion Flag Education Test.



Test consists of 20 questions and a short essay. Two state winners receive a $1,000 college scholarship.

The Flag Education test is to be given in participating elementary schools during the month of November to coincide with Veterans Day, which is when the tests are issued to the local American Legion Posts. The test is open to fourth (4th) grade elementary students in all public, private, and parochial schools.

​Each student participating in the Flag Education Test Program takes the same test. The answers on the test are scored against a standardized answer sheet. The "Our Country's Flag" comic book is used as a study guide for the closed book test. 

The test consists of 20 questions, which vary from multiple choice to true and false, and a short essay. There will be two state winners who will each receive a $1000 check. ​Please download the instructions below.

​Test papers may be ordered by contacting your local American Legion Posts, OR by filling out the registration form below. The sponsoring Post will provide the test to school officials on the day the test is to be given. The sponsoring Post will participate in giving and grading the test.

​The Flag Education Test Program is administered by and is under the supervision of The American Legion Department of Indiana Flag Education and Etiquette (FE&E) Committee.

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How to participate

​For more information about this program, please contact Wendy McGinness, Program Director for The American Legion Department of Indiana, at (317) 630-1301, or at

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