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Win prizes and bragging rights.

The American Legion State Golf Tournament is open to all amateur American Legion and Sons of the American Legion Members.

Join us for a round of golf with your friends! The tournament is held in annually in late June in Kokomo, Indiana. Players compete over two days, playing two rounds of golf.

Tournament Rules

1. The American Legion State Golf Tournament is open to all amateur American Legion and Sons of the American Legion Members. The host post is responsible for verification of eligibility.

2. Play will be based on thirty-six (36) holes of stroke play. In the event of rain on either day, the tournament may be shortened by the Department Golf Committee to eighteen (18) holes for the tournament to be official. In the event of rain both days, the Department Golf Committee will meet on the Sunday of the scheduled tournament at 2:00 p.m. at the host post to determine a new date for the tournament to be held. The Department will notify all entrants of new dates.

3. All entries, complete with entry fee, must be received by the Department Headquarters no later than the date shown on the entry form. All entries received after that date will be returned without action. IT IS THE PLAYERS RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE A VALID CURRENT ADDRESS ON THEIR ENRTY FORM. Anyone substituting for a previously entered golfer must submit a completed entry form upon check-in to be eligible for any prize. The substitute’s entry form must state the original entrant’s name to avoid listing them as a “no show”.

4. Entry fees include: green fees, riding cart, prize fund and a “19th Hole” fund. Pull carts or walking will not be permitted.

5. Team members will be the lowest scoring four (4) golfers from any post. No team entry forms will be issued.

6. All players and the scorekeeper(s) must sign the scorecard. Scorecards that are illegible or not signed by the player and scorekeeper will be voided and the player declared ineligible for any prizes.

7. Local golf course ground rules will apply during the tournament. Men will hit from the “white” tees and the women will play from the “red” tees. Clearly visible and recognizable above ground 150 yard markers will be in place during the tournament. “Grey” or senior tees may be added.

8. All “19th Hole” money collected will be used for the benefit of the golfers. Examples of use are: bag tags, tees…etc., refreshments on the course, and entertainment at the host post. Prices for alcoholic beverages may not be raised during the tournament and will remain at regular prices.

9. The Department Golf Committee will have sole jurisdiction in making decisions on any controversy, complaint or protest that may arise. All members of the Department Golf Committee are expected to be present both days of the tournament.

For further information, please contact your Post, District, or the Department Chairman for the Golf Chair, Gary Stiles at or contact Wendy McGinness, Program Director at (317) 630-1301 or

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