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Last year, Indiana Legion members and their families provided over 11,000 volunteer hours to fellow veterans and their communities.


With our devotion to mutual helpfulness, we feel compelled to be there for fellow veterans and their families. Whether it's helping homeless veterans get back on their feet, visiting a local VA hospital, or just being there to listen to someone during a tough time, Legionnaires have always been there for their brothers and sisters to remind them that

"you are not forgotten."

General Volunteer Day

Indiana Legion

Support veterans and show your appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy. By volunteering with the American Legion Department of Indiana you will help veterans, their families, and communities. Our projects are based on our "devotion to mutual helpfulness" and with your assistance we can help to improve the country so many have fought and died for.

We won't sign you up for our mailing list. We won't ask you more than once or twice a year if you're interested in a project. So what do you have to loose?

Join us!


Sign-up and help your community and your post!

Do you prefer volunteering in a certain area?

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