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Fortville Elementary's Sweet Tradition: Building Gingerbread Town with a Touch of Community Spirit

Every year at Fortville Elementary, five fourth-grade classes come together to create a "gingerbread town." This tradition involves students selecting a local business and crafting a unique gingerbread house to showcase their creativity and celebrate community connections.

Earlier this year, Ron Patterson of Post 391 presented the Legion's 4th Grade Flag Education program to the school. He was then invited back and was given the privilege of participating in this project by engaging with the students. There, he shared insights about the American Legion, shedding light on who we are, what we represent, and the ways we serve both veterans and the community at large. The students were eager to learn, peppering me with questions ranging from the Legion's inception to its significance in American history.

The finale of the event was an open house event where students proudly exhibit their gingerbread houses (including a gingerbread version of Fortville Post 391) to an audience of parents and grandparents.

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