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9/11 Memorial Remembrance Ride - Registration & Everything you need to know

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Pre-registration has closed. However you can still register the day of the event.

If you didn't get to pre-register, that's okay! On-site registration is available the day of the event and all perks are still available to you. Just arrive a little early to your selected starting point (available locations listed below) to register.

The Department of Indiana welcomes you to the 9/11 Memorial Remembrance Ride in honor of the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The department is hosting a ride open to all vehicle types, that will originate from all four corners of the state and then gather at the Indiana American Legion Department Headquarters in Indianapolis. Participants will then ride together into Downtown Indianapolis and arrive at the Indiana 9/11 Memorial site that contains two 22-foot steel beams from the Twin Towers. (Route subject to change.)

This group ride is open to all American Legion Family members as well as the general public.

Proceeds from this ride will be used to expand the Indiana 9/11 Memorial to honor those whose lives were lost on 9/11 as well as the sacrifice of our first responders and military members.

Registration is $35 day of ride.

Ride Date: September 11, 2021 (Rain or shine. No alternate)

First 2,000 registrants receive 9/11 commemorative chip and patch.

One meal ticket per registrant is provided for the scheduled gathering at Post 64 at the conclusion of the ride. (Evening)

Primitive camping available at Post 64 and Post 500. Contact the post for more information. 317-244-8007 (Post 64) and 317-244-9625 (Post 500).

Please bring snacks and water. Some food will be available for purchase at Dept. HQ stop. Cash only.

You are responsible for all gas costs. Please arrive to your start point with a full tank in the morning.

Bike trailers and sidecars allowed.

Partial rides are allowed, please select the second regional location as your starting point.

The second location listed for each start point will function as a gas stop and 2nd registration point.

Day-of-registration is available 1.5 hours before the departure times listed below, and ends 15-minutes before departure.

Virtual ride along - You will receive a link to virtually participate in the ride through a livestream from Department Headquarters, to downtown Indianapolis, and during the 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony.

☐ (Northwest) 7:00 AM, Legion Post #502, 429 County Road 750 North, Valparaiso, IN.

☐ (Northwest) 10:30 AM, Legion Post #492, 4929 State Road 43 North, W. Lafayette, IN.

☐ (Northeast) 8:00 AM, Legion Post #97, 1729 Sprott Street, Auburn, IN.

☐ (Northeast) 10:30 AM, Legion Post #95, 6440 County Road 500 South, Gas City, IN.

☐ (Southwest) 8:00 AM, Home Depot, Jasper, IN.

☐ (Southwest) 10:30 AM, Owen County Fairgrounds, Spencer, IN.

☐ (Southeast) 8:00 AM, Super ATV, Madison, IN.

☐ (Southeast) 10:00 AM, Amoco Truck Plaza, Greensburg, IN.

☐ (Central) 12:30 PM, Indiana Legion Department HQ, Indianapolis

The ride concludes at the Indiana 9/11 Memorial Remembrance Ceremony at 2pm.

Parking is staged at the Indiana Statehouse.

We welcome you to join us at Post 64 after conclusion of the ceremony. 601 S Holt Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46241 (approximately 5-miles away)

Event flyers available for download:

(Dark Version)

(Light Version)

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