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Posts: Want $500 for your event?

The IDVA Event Sponsorship Program (ESP) is dedicated to providing sponsorship dollars for veteran-oriented events across the state. The ESP will provide up to $500 in sponsorship money for an event the applicant is hosting. The goal is to provide funds to ensure a local non-profit can host their event or to enable them to enhance their event. The organization must have an established plan, committee and mission, one that focuses on bringing services, resources and/or benefits to Indiana’s veteran community.

IDVA will provide our resources to help advertise your event and would like to have the opportunity to attend the event to promote state and federal veteran benefits and the statewide network of County Veteran Service Officers (CVSO).

Any non-profit can apply for the ESP. The specific event associated with the application must be honoring or celebrating the Indiana veteran community.

Please complete the application form and submit it at least (30) days prior to your event.

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