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Indiana Post 230 in Martinsville feeds the community and workers after tornado

The tornadoes that struck southern Indiana on Friday, March 31, 2023, had a devastating impact on the area and left many families without power or running water. The situation was dire, and people were struggling.

In the midst of the chaos, Indiana Legion Post 230 and its members stepped up to be the support that the community needed. For three days the Legion Post opened its doors to the public, serving food free of charge to anyone who needed it.

"The post was the most packed I've ever seen it" said past Post Commander John McGee.

The post did not stop there. They recognized the effort of the utility workers who were working tirelessly to repair the power grid, so they loaded up their trucks with food and water and drove out to the workers to deliver the much-needed supplies.

Post 230 provided a lifeline to the to the affected area during a time of great need. We need to follow their example and be the community pillar Indiana Legion is meant to be.

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