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Indiana Legion District 11 and OCW Donate Recumbent Trike to Veteran

On Saturday, March 25th, Indiana Legion District 11 stepped up to help veteran Ethan Hughes, by donating a recumbent tricycle through Operation Comfort Warrior (OCW) with the help of Midwest Trike and Bike. This generous donation will go a long way in improving Hughes' quality of life and helping him stay active.

Injuries sustained while on active duty have made it difficult for him to stay active. His injury left him with limited mobility, making it difficult for him to engage in physical activities he once enjoyed. However, with the help of Operation Comfort Warrior and the Indiana Legion District 11, Hughes can now enjoy a new level of freedom and independence.

"I'm trying to pass the word out to make sure more people know about it (OCW)," said Ethan Hughes, "and get more service members and veterans actually taken care of."

Operation Comfort Warrior is an initiative which aims to improve the quality of life for wounded veterans by providing them with the resources they need to recover and thrive. The recumbent trike donated to Hughes is just one example of the many ways in which OCW and Indiana Legion supports Hoosier veterans. To donate to or seek assistance from OCW, visit


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