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Department American Legion College, Class of 2022

The American Legion, Department of Indiana is going to college. Founded in 1919, the Department will host its first Department College course for Legionnaires and Sons of The American Legion members to build leadership skills, and knowledge of the services available to veterans, and the many youth programs the department manages.

“By educating and growing our members into leaders, we hope to build a foundation that will lead the Department well into our second century,” said Rich Brown. Brown is the committee chair of the Department Legion College program and hopes that a strong turnout the first year will reinvigorate the Department of Indiana. “I really look forward to our first year of Legion College. We have worked hard to put together a program that will develop our members into Indiana Legion leaders. Our hope is that these leaders will return home and infuse their energy and new knowledge into their posts.”

Department and National level instructors

Taught by instructors that volunteer at Department and National level, the fast-paced, group-oriented course will give you the knowledge and confidence to lead your squadron, post, and/or district.

Accepting 40 students

Department College is provided at no cost to 40 students annually from across the Department of Indiana. Students are provided training and lodging; meals and travel are the responsibility of each student.


Students must remain in attendance for the entire session. All applicants must have completed TAL Basic Training prior to the start of the first class. (Free to members)


Students will be paired with a roommate at no cost. Students may pay $100 per night for a single room (Due upon acceptance). Food and snacks during the course are the responsibility of the student.

Dates and times

The Department American Legion College will be held: April 6th - 8th, 2022 at the Marriott East Hotel. The course length is three full days. Classes start Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. and end at noon on Friday, immediately preceding the Spring Conference.

How to apply

Your fellow veterans deserve your support. Apply for one of the 40 student positions today by visiting and grow your ability to help veterans and your community.

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