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Congratulations 2023 JSSP Winners

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Young shooters throughout the State of Indiana competed Saturday, March 4, 2023 in the Department Junior Shooting Sports Competition put on by The Indiana Legion and the Indiana Legacy Foundation. These young men and women gave it their all and did a great job. We'd like to extend our congratulations to all the winners.

Sporter Team Champions


Precision Team Champions

Floyds Knob

Sporter Prone Champions

  1. Christopher Couch

  2. Phillip Baumgartner

  3. Abigayle Seitz

Precision Prone Champions

  1. Alysa Yancy

  2. Megan Fondy

  3. Logan Hall

Sporter Standing Champions

  1. Anna Block

  2. Abigayle Seitz

  3. Christopher Couch

Precision Standing Champions

  1. Alysa Yancy

  2. Haden Montgomery

  3. Ysabelle Martinez

Sporter Kneeling Champions

  1. Phillip Baumgartner

  2. Tori Bowman

  3. Anna Block

Precision Kneeling Champions

  1. Alysa Yancy

  2. Ysabelle Martinez

  3. Logan Hall

Sporter Overall

  1. Abigayle Seitz

  2. Christopher Couch

  3. Phillip Baumgartner

Precision Overall

  1. Alysa Yancy

  2. Ysabelle Martinez

  3. Haden Montgomery

For the scores of all the contestants, visit:

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