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Broad Ripple Post 3: A Legacy of Service and Community Engagement

Updated: Mar 1

Broad Ripple American Legion Post 3, chartered in 1919 shortly after the establishment of the American Legion, has been a cornerstone of community service and patriotism. Their dedication is evident through extensive involvement in youth development and community support initiatives.

The post actively supports scouting, chartering a Cub Scout pack, a Boy Scout troop, and a Girl Scout troop. This engagement fosters leadership and character development among youth. Additionally, Post 3 is involved in Legion programs like 4th Grade Flag education, Junior Shooting Sports, Hoosier Boys State and Americanism and Government.

A notable achievement is their success in the Oratorical Contest, sponsoring the 2023 National Champion, Haley Bock, and a finalist in the 2024 Department Championship. These efforts highlight the post's commitment to nurturing informed and articulate citizens.

Post 3's collaboration with local emergency services, including sponsoring an Officer of the Month Award for the IMPD North District, where several members of their post honor an officer with a short ceremony thanking them for their service and presenting them with a $100 gift certificate.

"I have found that the officers appreciate the recognition from the community they are serving more-so than the money we are giving them," said Post 3 Finance Officer Dan Cunningham, before encouraging other posts to implement similar programs.

The post's building, which was converted from an old power substation, is a community hub, hosting scouting events, food drives, and meetings for virtual post's, such as University Post 360. Unlike typical legion posts, Broad Ripple American Legion Post 3 operates without a bar, smoking, or pull tabs, focusing on service and community engagement. The post also works with veteran non-profits such as The Mission Continues and HVAF, enhancing support for veterans.

Broad Ripple American Legion Post 3 exemplifies dedication to service, community, and patriotism, maintaining a lasting impact through its programs and partnerships.

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