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An update from Membership Chair David Miller

There is something in the air!

After the fastest start for Department membership in recent history, the question is, why? Can we maintain the pace we set? And if we can, then how?

The “why” is clear to me, there is something intangible in the air. A feeling at many different levels that we are ready to accept that the best days are ahead of us. We have an amazing opportunity with this group of district officers who believe we can succeed. Our District Commanders are almost entirely made up of Indiana Legion College graduates. Meaning they have the best training currently available. When you talk to them, they have the same excitement about our future. It is rare to hear complaints about the local posts not stepping up. And when we do, the answer is the same. Fix it! The Department of Indiana is ahead of last year’s numbers by 3,776 members on July 31.

So, can we maintain our current pace? I believe we can. The 50% goal for the Department represents 33,000 members. What makes me believe? First, the early birds and national mailing (which represents the single largest outreach to members in paper form). These are historically known to our more experienced as the time to renew. Second is momentum. Nothing is better for success than more success. Additionally, almost every local post uses this time to reach out with booths at fairs and festivals for the season. I believe that this Department will have every single district meet their goal this month.

The "how" is where the real work gets accomplished. Our plan for this year is multifaceted and uses reinstating old school direct contact, with new school social media platforms. We intend to use social media to promote areas in your district that are struggling. We will be able to specifically address the programs that your posts already do and share them with younger veterans and their families. Studies show that the connections that we make with family members is the glue that holds. This month we ordered an additional canopy with all the extras, including a generator for use at locations without power. The canopy will be assigned to myself, and there is a form available on the website to request me for any event.

So, what is that in the air? It is the smell of success!

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