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American Dairy Association Indiana raises funds for the Indiana American Legion Foundation

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The American Dairy Association Indiana recently extended its hand in support of veterans and Indiana's youth by donating to the Indiana American Legion Foundation. This philanthropic gesture is a testament to the organization's commitment to serving not only their dairy farm families but also their broader community.

Jenni Browning, Chief Executive Officer of American Dairy Association Indiana believes that many dairy farm families and military veterans are one in the same. "As you can imagine, dairy farm families have a number of connections to the military, beyond service members. Both groups work incredibly hard to serve their community at a local, national and international level. And, they both understand that it's a family affair to support those efforts. We are proud to pass along the proceeds from a commemorative military cup sold at the Dairy Bar during the Indiana State Fair to the American Legion to support youth programming."

The funds from the commemorative military cup sales at the Dairy Bar during the Indiana State Fair will be channeled towards veterans and youth programming, ensuring that those who served and those who might serve receive the guidance and support they need.

Department Commander Bob Oeth believes that this donation will be put to good use. "We are honored that the American Dairy Association is making veterans, veteran’s issues, and Indiana youth a priority. This donation will be multiplied, and we thank the ADAI."

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