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9/11 Ride Dedications

The following names had rides dedicated to their memory during our 9/11 Remembrance event. We thank you and remember you.

Willard Evans

American Legion 115

Marvin Eugene Grimes

The Fallen 13 Afghanistan Service Members

Grover Boyce

Ed Miller

Commander Charles W. Truxall, Jr. USN (Ret.)

Greg Paz

Don Mann

Major Raiman K. Johnson, US Army

Gunnery Sargent Roger Wesley Saylor Sr.

Dean J Schlatter

1st SGT James N Wright US Army 1951-1974

SGT Tom Fowler USMC 1967-1971

Lt. Gen. Timothy Maude

Staff Sargent Garrett Port and PFC Jared Hillman, actively serving in the US Army

William Mullins

Freeman Hays

Chester Hendren

Al Schubert

For all the hero's

Richard Castillo Korean War Veteran

All who died and First Responders.

Jerry Hubbell

To my Dad John Combs

Herbert Devine

Calvin Arnold

Jonathan Lahman

Willard Evans

Robert Schlup

Ralph Heiser

Jon Collette

Indiana Task Force One

John Charles Jacobs

Woodson Gray Dudley

James Deal Sr

Stanley Robinson USMC

Dr. Ronald D. Ulmer, Army Medical Corps (1950's)

Billy G Bryan

Stephen Story

Lt. Gen. Timothy Maude

Sgt. Tristan Mykal Wade

George C Ford

Robert Earl Lewis

Johnny E May 1

Robert T Uehlein

Sgt Matt McDowell

FDNY Lt. Vincent Francis Giammona

Wallace C. Conrad

Fred Jones

Raymond Cowles

Charles Kottlowski

Michael Raymond Mccammack

Thomas H. Easter WWll Veteran

Richard E. Crickmore

Calvin W Lee

Suzette Pryde

Harold Stone and William Harper

Clarence C. Drake

Ripper Lloyd

Robert Pryde

PFC John Steiner Stuckey US Army

SGT Randy Eugene Cline

Robert T Burkhart

To all of those who gave their lives and those injured in all previous wars.

Johnny Scott Sr.

John E Combs

Jim Cole

David Grubbs


Jim Cole

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