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2022 Junior Shooting Sports Championship Results

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

The American Legion, Department of Indiana Junior Shooting Sports championship tournament was held last Saturday, Mar. 5th at the Hancock County Fairgrounds in Greenfield, IN. There were 41 participating shooters representing seven posts and districts throughout Indiana. This was the first year that competition was conducted in both the sporter and precision disciplines.

1st Place Sporter Winner: Logan Hall, Post 42

1st Place Precision Winner: Alysa Yancy, Post 313

Marion High School junior Alysa Yancey added more titles to her growing list of accomplishments as an air rifle marksman last weekend, earning an individual first place finish and leading her team to the championship title at the Indiana American Legion State Championship in Greenfield.

Yancey achieved the highest score in each of the three shooting positions, standing, kneeling, and prone.

“I feel like I just keep repeating myself,” said her coach, retired Lt. Col. David Farlow, Senior Army Instructor for the MHS JROTC. “She just continues to get better with each major competition. And our team collectively did a fine job too.”


Members of the Marion High School JROTC marksmanship team, from left, Alysa Yancey, Haden Montgomery, Jaron Hofmann, Adam Baird and Kaeda Smith, shoot in the Indiana American Legions’ State Rifle Championship in Greenfield on Saturday, March 5, 2022. The Giants earned the State Championship title in the match. Yancey was the match’s top shooter and Montgomery pulled the second place spot.

But Yancey is always reaching for more.

“I was happy to win,” she said after the match. “but I realized there were still things that I need to work on.”

And she will have several more opportunities to do so, the most prominent of which being her upcoming appearance at the Junior Olympics in May.

The usually quiet and composed Yancey graciously accepted all the medals and awards for being the match’s top shooter. She will also receive a $1,000 scholarship from the American Legion.

The American Legion conducts the annual match as part of their Junior Shooting Sports program. Male and female shooters under the age of 18 learn from NRA-trained instructors and compete using the .177 caliber air rifle. American Legion Junior Shooting Sports encompassing the basic elements of gun safety, education, enjoyment, and marksmanship competition.

Also of note were the performances of Yancey’s teammates. Marion junior Haden Montgomery placed second overall in the state match. Seniors Kaeda Smith and Jaron Hofmann both earned third place finishes in kneeling and standing positions, respectively.

The Giants will travel this weekend to Fort Knox to compete in the JROTC Cadet Command 7th Brigades’ Championship. There they will face the best Army JROTC marksmanship teams from Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. The Giants are the defending champions in the Precision category, which is the same level in which collegiate athletes and Olympians compete. It is the top tier within the air rifle competitive categories.

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