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From the desk of the Department Adjutant Hugh Dagley
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September 23, 2014


    The Department Judge Advocate has issued an interesting and important ruling concerning the wearing of American Legion caps by Legion officers in the conduct of their official duties.  According to the Judge Advocate, 
    “The Officers Guide and other documents, such as Constitutions and Bylaws, must be interpreted in the spirit of the organization.  The Bylaws and Constitution provide the kinds of uniforms, including head gear, that are to be the official wear of our organization.
    “The ceremonial services of The American Legion must be conducted with the solemnity befitting the dignity of the organization.  The solemnity, would, I believe, encompass the appropriate wearing of the uniform.  Each officer, according to the Officer’s Guide, shall (and I take that to be mandatory) be equipped with the official overseas cap and with proper official badge of the respective office.   
    “The guide also provides that the cap, among other things, should be worn by the members when in attendance at official meetings and ceremonies, or when they are present as guests.  A Legionnaire is considered to be in uniform if he is wearing the official cap.  Meetings are to be opened by officers wearing the official cap.  
    “All of this information is found in the Manual of Ceremonies.  The Manual of Ceremonies was adopted by the Legion in the year 1921 and it has been adopted and amended on numerous occasions since then through I believe 1995.  The Officers Guide contains a manual of ceremonies, which are approved and adopted by the National Executive Committee.  It is my judgment that the National Executive Committee’s adoption of language concerning the wearing of the cap, together with general instructions, is sufficient legal basis for me to say that the wearing of the cap is required.” 


        As a follower, but not necessarily a fan, of Facebook, I often find the unfiltered, unverified and, frankly, misinformed commentary posted there to be both counterproductive and destructive to the best interest of the organization we all profess to revere.  The Department of Indiana has experienced tremendous change over the past few months, change that occurred during one of the busiest times of the Legion year. Change is always unsettling, and a critique of how well the Legion handled the changes is warranted. Raw criticism is not. I encourage those of you who wish to comment on the operations and performance of the Department and its staff to contact me directly for facts that will inform your opinions. And to those of you who have come to the defense of our new staff members, thank you. Such encouragement contributes to their growth and development significantly.


    The 2014-2015 Department Directory is in production. It will be available for distribution, as usual, at the Fall Conference. Those officers and officials who normally receive a copy of the directory, but who will not be in attendance, should arrange for someone to pick up their copy. Mailing costs for unclaimed directories are high, and we hope to avoid as much of that expense as possible.


    The Department of Indiana currently has 15,375 members covered under the Legionnaires Insurance Trust’s No-Cost Accidental Death and Disability program. This AD&D policy pays a base benefit of $1,000 for accidental death or dismemberment; the benefit increases to $5,000 benefit for injuries or death occurring in the course of Legion business. The coverage is free to Legionnaires and enrollment cards are available from your post or by contacting the department.












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