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The newly-elected Department Commander Ken Hylton started his first day at the new Department Headquarters today, 14 July 2014 with a brief from his Executive Assistant Becky Francher on his new office's furniture and electronic equipment.



Important Notice!!!


            The location of 2015 Close of Books activities has not been changed.  Although a change in location has been discussed, no decision has been made.  The appropriate officers and others directly affected by any change will be involved in the decision. Notices on scheduling documents and in the Membership Awards Manual were premature and should be disregarded.   Date and location of the 2015 Close of Books and Legion Day at the Indiana Veterans Home will be announced on the Department website and in the Hoosier Legionnaire. 

Hubert R. Dagley, II

Department Adjutant


Mailing Address for new Headquarters:

The Department Headquarter's new mailing address is:

The Indiana Department of The American Legion

5440 Herbert Lord Road

Indianapolis, IN 46216



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