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Department Headquarters will be Closed Wednesday Nov. 26 @ 2 p.m. and Nov.27-28 for holiday observance.
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*Call to Action*

   With passage of Resolution 2014F13 entitled Legislative Priorities, the Department Executive Committee has armed every member of The American Legion, Department of Indiana with enough information to positively affect veterans’ legislation in the upcoming session of the Indiana General Assembly.

   All it takes is phone call, an email, a letter or a visit.

   The resolution sets forth seven results that the Legion wants to see emerge from the General Assembly. No specific legislation is identified; any bill proposed by any Senator or Representative can be supported, as long as it meets one or more of the objective set forth. They include:

  • Reinstate statutes regarding remission of tuition and fees for children of veterans with wartime service-connected disabilities as were in effect prior to the passage of SB 577 in 2012.
  • Open the Indiana Military Relief Fund to all Indiana veterans.
  • Increase state funding for Veterans Service Organizations filing VA claims on behalf of Indiana veterans, and distribute those funds based on the percentage of claims successfully adjudicated by the respective Veterans Service Organizations.
  • Establish “Veterans Courts” in all Indiana counties and municipalities.
  • Provide Property Tax Relief for service-connected disabled veterans.
  • Restore the application of unused Property Tax Relief to automobile excise taxes for service-connected disable veterans.
  • Establish a policy of ‘in-state’ tuition rates for spouses and dependents of veterans returning to Indiana for both undergraduate and post-graduate course of study. The resolution also provides for adding to or removing these priorities as circumstance warrant. 



Department Directory Corrections

   In order to correct a number of errors and omissions in the 2014-2015 Department Directory, the Department has established a special email address for those listed in or omitted from the book to submit corrections.  The email addresses is Corrections will be made online as they are received, and corrected pages will be distributed after the correction period ends.

   Your help in quickly and accurately correcting the directory is both important and essential. Please take a few minutes to review it – either in the paper copy you received at the Fall Conference or the on-line version here. Please observe the following guidelines and submit corrections only to the special email address above. 

  • District Commanders should review and correct the information on district meeting times and places,  the listings of District Officers, and should advise all Posts in the District to check and confirm the information in each Post listing, including certified officers, phone numbers, meeting times, and street address.
  • Legionnaires appointed to commissions and committees should verify the listing of their appointment and contact information.
  • Those who have reason to believe they should have been appointed but are not in the directory, submit that to us and we will confirm your appointment and add you to the book.
  • All commission and committee chairman should review the members of their commission and committee for accuracy of the listing, which will complement what that individual appointees submit.
  • Errors in the following sections do not need to be reported; they will be corrected in the original documents by the Department Adjutant. They include: the listing of Department Officers; the DEC; Appointive Officers; 2014-2015 District Commanders; 2013-2014 District Commanders; Living Past Department Commanders; Living Past NEC; Department Staff; American Legion Auxiliary Officers and District Presidents;  SAL Detachment Officers and District Commanders; the list of all Past Department Commanders and Past National Executive Committee members; and the Post-by-District listing.

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