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Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation donates $20,000 to Indiana American Legion Legacy Foundation

In a remarkable display of philanthropy and support for veterans, the renowned Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation has generously donated $20,000 to the Indiana American Legion Legacy Foundation. This substantial contribution aims to bolster the foundation's essential programs, service officers, and veterans' assistance initiatives.

The Indiana American Legion Legacy Foundation is committed to providing support to veterans and their families through dedicated efforts such as veterans’ assistance grants, Legion youth programs, and disability claim assistance.

The Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation, known for its unwavering dedication to fostering positive change and bettering communities, recognized the profound impact of the Indiana American Legion Legacy Foundation's work.

With this generous donation, the Indiana American Legion Legacy Foundation intends to reach more veterans in need than ever before. Expressing gratitude for the Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation's generosity, Department Commander Jim Daube, said, "This donation will significantly strengthen our ability to serve those who have dedicated their lives to our nation's service. We are immensely grateful to the Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation for their steadfast commitment to improving the lives of veterans and their families."

The Indiana American Legion Legacy Foundation remains resolute in its mission to conduct and perpetuate the programs of The American Legion that serve Indiana’s veterans, their families, and Indiana youth. Thanks to the invaluable contribution from the Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation, the foundation can now forge ahead with renewed determination, ensuring that no veteran is left behind.

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