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Post 321 Remembers Kabul

YORKTOWN, Ind. — At American Legion Post 321, August 25th will now, and forever, be a day to remember.

Exactly one year ago, our nation lost 13 U.S. service members during a suicide bombing at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan. One soldier, one sailor, and 11 marines paid the ultimate sacrifice — including a local Logansport hero, Corporal Humberto Sanchez.

“I met him in June of 2021 and then when he went over to Afghanistan in Kabul that was the last time I saw him,” said Staff Sgt. Stephen Miller, a member of the U.S. Marine Corp. who spent time with some of the men and women who lost their life.

Staff Sgt. Miller has been with the U.S. Marine Corp. for 13 years now and is a member of American Legion Post #321. On Friday, he helped organize and gather community members to honor those 13 lives lost.

“Cpl. Lopez, Cpl. Page, and Cpl. Sanchez — I played soccer with them almost every night for about two months,” said Staff Sgt. Miller. ” I didn’t know their best friend’s name or their pet’s name, but when you’re overseas and you just have a couple hundred marines and some sailors, those types of things are what keeps you going.”

Staff Sgt. Miller shared stories and read each of the 13 U.S. service members’ names allowed to the crowd.

“I just want to ensure that their names and memories are not forgotten,” Staff Sgt. Miller said.

“My kid being recognized locally — it’s like a big thing for me,” said Cpl. Sanchez’s mother, Coral Briseno.

Briseno said she constantly receives messages from people who feel compelled to share stories of her son. She said each one is a reminder of how proud her son makes her.

“Even people that I don’t even know just message me and say ‘Hey you don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but I wanted you to know that your son was special,'” said Briseno. “He inspires me all the time.”

Staff Sgt. Miller said he plans to make Friday’s memorial service an annual one.

“All the marines that did die that day — and the soldier and sailor — they would want everyone remembered. The injured as well,” said Staff Sgt. Miller.


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