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Miami Correctional Facility Post 555 donates 737 lbs. of produce to local non-profits

At the Miami Correctional Facility, incarcerated veterans from American Legion Post 555 found a meaningful way to give back to their community. July 2023 they proudly donated a staggering 737 lbs. of squash and zucchini to two local organizations, the Gilead House and Kokomo Rescue Mission.

The Gilead House, known for its work in supporting women's addiction recovery and aiding their reintegration into society after incarceration, welcomed the contribution. The program offered by the Gilead House provides a safe and supportive environment for women during their recovery journey.

Meanwhile, the Kokomo Rescue Mission, an organization committed to serving the homeless, also gratefully received the donation. With their mission of providing over 9,000 meals each month and offering transitional housing at three locations in Kokomo, they recognized the value of the fresh produce from the incarcerated veterans' garden.

The inception of this remarkable garden can be traced back to April when Jerry Thompson, the American Legion Coordinator, and a group of incarcerated veterans joined forces to establish a community garden within the grounds of the Miami Correctional Facility. Together, they cultivated a diverse range of vegetables and fruits, including squash, zucchini, cucumbers, watermelons, carrots, corn, cantaloupe, honeydew, and tomatoes.

Driven by their desire to extend their philanthropic efforts further, Miami Correctional Facility is actively seeking additional non-profit partners in the Peru and Logansport areas who can benefit from the abundance of fresh produce grown in their garden. By collaborating with these organizations, they hope to make a positive impact on the local community by sharing the fruits of their labor and supporting those in need.

For more information, please contact Community Engagement Director and Public Information Officer James Stamper at (765) 431-0882.

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