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Forms & Files - A how to guide

With the new department website, came a redesigned file folder system. This system allows your department staff to update forms and files quickly and efficiently. It also allows us to quickly find outdated material and remove it from the site. What might have taken 15-20 minutes to post to the website before, now takes seconds, and is easily handled by all department staff.

As with any new system, there is room to grow, and we appreciate your feedback. We will continue to develop the Forms & Files page to meet your needs.

Digital submission forms

Recently, we just added a section for digital submission forms located at the bottom of the Forms & Files webpage. With the digital submission forms, you no longer need to download a pdf, fill in the data, and return it by email. Digital submission forms allow you to enter your information on the website, and click submit! These forms are National approved, and are immediately received by the department.

How to view and download files located on the Forms & Files webpage

1. Click on the folder you wish to access

2. If you make a mistake, or want to go back, click "Indiana Legion Forms & Files"

3. Once you have found your file, click on the title

4. This will open a preview of the document

5. To close the document preview, click the X

6. To print or save the document, click the pop-out icon

7. Then choose the Print or Save icon in the top right corner

Print (left) - Save (right)

We hope this guide improves your use of the Forms & Files webpage. If you found an error or would like to see something added to this guide, please contact The Department using the "Need Live Help?" tool on the bottom right of this page.

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