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Expanding Veteran Benefits: PACT Act at the Race Track

Bryce Hullett, along with Tomee Sue and Tony, spent five days at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May and returned for the Brickyard Weekend on August 11-13, where he assisted veterans with their Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits. Hullett, the Assistant Director of Rehabilitation for The American Legion, Department of Indiana Veterans Service Office, and his team helped approximately 45 veterans and family members during racing events.

Working out of the Legion's "Be the One" INDYCAR truck, Hullett connected with veterans from Indiana and across the nation. He helped them submit claims or intent to file, providing them with confirmation numbers for peace of mind.

“With us being able to be out here, we’re not just connecting with our Indiana veterans. We’re connecting with veterans across the nation,” said Hullett. “To be able to set up like this, we can get that (claim or intent to file) submitted now. And when they leave, I can get them a confirmation number … so that when they walk away, they’re like, ‘OK, someone listened to me. And someone did something for me right here and now.’ That’s one less thing they have to worry about now.”

Hullett filed an intent to file for a veteran on August 11 and planned to file another later in the weekend. He also conducted high-level claim reviews. The passage of the PACT Act in August 2022, which expands benefits for toxic-exposed veterans and their families, has increased Hullett's workload.

This was made possible, in part, by the Indiana American Legion Foundation. Thanks to funds from the Foundation, Bryce Hullett is able to continue his rewarding work assisting veterans and making service connections.


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