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Number of Hoosier Veterans who were represented by Indiana Legion service officers in 2021.


Conservative estimate of Indiana youths participating in Indiana Legion programs in 2024.


Hoosier veterans and families who've received emergency assistance through IVETS, and CEWF.


It starts with you. Create opportunities for a veteran to speak freely and get the support they need.

Find a Service Officer

Accredited Indiana Legion service officers are specially trained to provide expert assistance, free of charge, to veterans and their families. Receive assistance filing a claim, get referrals and resources on education, employment and business, death benefits and more.

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Why should I

"It’s not the price you pay for membership, it’s the price you paid for eligibility."

Be there for others, because veterans sometimes need support that only other veterans can provide.


America's largest veterans service organization works every day to care for our veterans and their youth.

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Memorial Names

Honor & Remembrance

Find places in Indiana to honor and remember those who have served.

Find out how to receive veteran military funeral honors in Indiana

You're there for them.

Your membership supports Hoosier veterans and Legion youth programs while also receiving your member benefits!

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