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Career Opportunities at the Department of Indiana

The Department of Indiana, the sixth largest state organization in The American Legion, has full time employment opportunities available immediately at its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Department offers competitive wages, generous employee benefits and an unequaled opportunity to support Indiana’s military veterans and their families.


            The American Legion is fully committed to equal employment opportunities in both principle and as a matter of policy, and maintains an environment free from all forms of discrimination against any person on  the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran or military status, age, disability, genetic information, or any other legally protected characteristic. We recruit, hire, train, promote, compensate and provide benefits in accordance with all such protected characteristics.


            For a listing of current staff openings, position summaries and an application form, see below.



•    Runs day-to-day operations of the TAL and SAL Membership office;
•    Runs operations of the Department Membership Program and office;
•    Creates and maintains weekly membership reports and communicates with Department leadership
•    Collects and compiles all reports and member reports and communicates this with National Headquarters
•    Works with all levels, individuals, posts, districts, Department and National liaisons on membership processing and issues that arise
•    Handles membership operations and materials to ensure all annual TAL and SAL membership reports are completed and coordinated such as Close of Books.
•    Carries out such administrative duties as may be assigned by the Executive Director.
•    Coordinates with the TAL and SAL Membership Chair to assist with developing the annual membership plan as requested and remains in constant contact with the director throughout the year.


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