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University Post 360 at IUPUI: A Modern Approach to Veterans' Community Engagement

American Legion University Post 360, located at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), is a distinctive remote post that conducts hybrid meetings, combining both in-person and virtual attendance. This format increases accessibility for members who may be geographically dispersed, such as their member that currently lives in Croatia. However, this model also means they need a physical place to meet. Fortunately, several other American Legion Posts have offered them a place to meet, including Beech Grove Post 276 where they currently reside.

A key aspect of Post 360's operation is its partnership with IUPUI, which provides a supportive environment for veterans transitioning to academic and civilian life. This relationship facilitates access to university resources like career services and counseling, tailored specifically for veterans. As a result, the post is notable for having the youngest average age among Indiana's American Legion posts and is among the most diverse. This demographic shift reflects a broader, more inclusive approach to veteran community engagement.

"I became the membership chair, I strategically started recruiting veterans from all different backgrounds to represent what the military represents, which is everybody," said Post 360 and IUPUI staff member Clifton Morlan, "everybody that signed the dotted line deserves a respect of being a veteran."

Post 360 actively collaborates with other veteran organizations, such as The Mission Continues and HVAF to amplify their outreach and impact. Among their initiatives are helping host resource fairs and service projects such as their recent Williams Creek Cemetery cleanup, which honor fallen soldiers and foster community engagement.

"It makes me excited to see that they're making a difference in the community and that when I have time between classes that I'm able to go out and do my part as well," said Post 360 member and IUPUI student Amy Lee Schleppenbach.

In a time when membership is struggling, and the need for younger members is being highlighted, American Legion University Post 360 at IUPUI exemplifies how veteran organizations can adapt to meet these needs. They believe that emphasizing inclusivity, collaboration, and community service is what The American Legion needs to do, and they are leading by example in this endeavor.

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