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Foundation helps Bloomington Veteran

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

When Monroe County veteran Tom Mazza decided he no longer felt capable of driving his 2011 BMW 128i, he didn’t hang up the keys, he handed them over to another veteran.

Veterans helping veterans is a recurring theme within The American Legion and so for the

Indiana Legion member of Post 18, it was a no-brainer. Mr. Mazza contacted the Indiana

American Legion Legacy Foundation and asked them to find someone who could put the car to use. It was important for the Foundation to keep the car in the same county it was donated, so the foundation contacted Monroe County service officer Steve Miller, who identified Gage as a good candidate to receive the car.

When Gage, who doesn’t want his last name revealed, received a call offering him the car, he

was excited at the possibility of getting to his medical appointments without asking others for a ride. “It will help with my mental health because I can go to my medical appointments and not rely on others to get me there … It feels like a sense of freedom now that I actually have a car that I'm able to drive around whenever I need to." When asked what he would say to the veteran who donated the car, Gage said "I'd give him a big hug and shake his hand. I'm extremely grateful … I haven't felt anything like this since I've been in [the service]."

This is the second vehicle the Indiana American Legion Legacy Foundation has received and

transferred to a veteran, but the Foundation helps thousands of veterans, their family members, and Indiana youth every day through department, county, Legion post service officers, and youth programs.

For more stories of how the Indiana American Legion Legacy Foundation is making a difference for veterans, visit

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