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2022 Close of Books at Indiana Veterans Home

Close of books will be held at the Indiana Veteran’s Home (IVH) in Lafayette on June 5th. The event will start at 0800h.

Turn in all of your paid 2022 cards first. Paid 2022 cards must be turned in to the

membership coordinators by 1100 on Sunday, Jun 5th. All cards received by 1100

will be posted to the Close of Books (COB) Membership Report. The “OFFICIAL”

COB report will be posted to the website by end of day on Monday Jun 6th. Any

cards mailed and not received by Jun 3rd will not count on the COB report. Any

cards received after Jun 3rd will be recorded on the next report published after

close of books.

The district commander’s will receive a reconciliation form for their district listing

all their posts. The post will receive an unused card form to complete & return to

their district commander. The post will record all leftover cards (pre-printed,

blank, and all others such as duplicates, voids etc.). All cards must be accounted for

on this form. If the post received additional blank cards, they must also be

accounted for on this form. Both of these forms will be available thru our

department website, forms & files, annual forms.

The district commander will record all the information on the reconciliation sheet

and turn it into department headquarters at close of books. At this time the

current or the next year’s district commander can pick up their 2023 Legion Card

packets for their posts that have submitted their annual Post Officer Certification

packets & Consolidated Post Report. If the department does not have the forms

registered, 2023 packets will not be issued and it will be the responsibility of the

district commander to pick up the packet at department headquarters with the

required forms. Each district commander will be provided a list of their posts &

what forms have been submitted starting May 1st. Two weeks (May 23rd) before

close of books each district commander will be provided a list of their posts daily

with the forms that have been received and those that are missing. It is

imperative that each district commander check their e-mail daily to ensure all

forms have been submitted to department prior to close of books. District

Commander’s need to let all their posts know they need to pick up their 2023

card packets from them and not from the department headquarters.

Times are assigned to each district to get their packets.

0800 – District 2 0830 – District 3 0900 - District 1

0930 – District 5 1000 – District 6 1030 – District 4

1100 – District 11 1130 – District 10 1200 – District 7

1230 – District 9 1300 – District 8

The Post Officer Certification Packet includes:

The Post Officer Certification Form (complete legibly)

The Delegate Form (write none on the form if no delegates)

The National Post/Sqdn Commander/Adjutant Form

The Consolidated Post Report (CPR)

All the forms were mailed to every post with the last quarterly mailing. They are

also on the department website They can be completed, saved

& sent to department on the website, you will receive a confirmation number

upon uploading the form & submitting or they can be competed digitally on the

website and finally they can be sent in hard copy.

The Consolidated Post Report (CPR) can be done thru which is the

preferred method or sent in hard copy. If sending in the hard copy form ensure it

is signed & dated. They must have something marked on the form such as

Veterans Day, Memorial Day or buddy checks.

Do not mail any forms later than Wednesday Jun 1st and expect them to be at

department showing processed. If necessary, go to each post that has not turned

in their forms & pick them up for delivery to the department by Jun 5th. Use your

District Vice Commanders, Adjutant & Membership Chair to accomplish this task.

Ensure these forms are completed legibly, this information is used for the

directory. The directory can only be accurate if the information received is

correct. Every district is expected to be at 100% on these forms by COB.

Do not mail or bring any 2022 unused cards to the Department or to Close of Books.

Keep your cards and issue any that pay after close of books. The

cards can be destroyed by the post representative at their discretion.

All forms are available at then click on Annual Forms.

Let’s all have a great time and accomplish the close of books event successfully.

Sincerely, Commander Mark Gullion, and Adjutant Chad Woodburn.

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