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Letter from Department Commander

We take immense pride in fulfilling our responsibility to ensuring the needs of all veterans and their families, are taken care of. We continue to do our part and will continue to do so for years to come through our Legacy Foundation.

The Legacy Foundation's mission is simple – to conduct and perpetuate the programs of The American Legion that serve Indiana’s veterans, their families, and its youth.

Thanks to our American Legion members, the Foundation’s effort are already at work! Whether it's providing a veteran with reliable transportation through the gift of a vehicle, or assisting veterans through our network of service officers, serving veterans across the state of Indiana is what we do.

Covid-19 presents many challenges but thankfully we are able to get through it, through your generous support – you kept giving. We are only able to provide life changing support to those in need because of the generous support given by our members and partners.

Your contributions are changing lives and making a different each day – for that we are truly thankful.

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